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Partnership between PURE, Relay, and Amous TMS reduces fuel fraud and modernizes fleet operations

PURE Freight Lines LTD, a renowned logistics and transportation firm, is excited to announce new partnerships with Relay Payments and Amous TMS, with a strong focus on technology, efficiency, and security for fleets and drivers. This three-way collaboration demonstrates PURE's commitment to modernizing its operations and addressing the issue of diesel fuel fraud, which costs the carrier tens of thousands of dollars each month.

To effectively manage its routes, drivers, dispatchers, and invoices, PURE utilizes Amous' TMS seamlessly. With the recent integration of Relay Payments with Amous, PURE can now handle diesel fuel transactions through Relay's digital payments platform. This integration brings significant benefits to PURE's drivers, enabling them to conveniently manage over-the-road expenses and reporting directly from their smartphones with just a few taps. It saves them time and safeguards them from fuel fraud at more than 1,500 travel centers that accept Relay.

Milo Dubak, CEO and founding partner of PURE, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to offer exceptional logistics solutions to our customers. Our dedication to transparency, honesty, the adoption of fuel-efficient equipment, and technology sets us apart in the industry. We are committed to fostering a family atmosphere that values our employees, customers, drivers, and partners."

Relay Payments has expanded its services to Pilot Company's nationwide network of travel centers, allowing fleets like PURE to utilize Relay for diesel payments at over 800 Pilot, Flying J, and One9 Fuel Network locations. Ryan Droege, co-founder and CEO of Relay, emphasized the possibilities that arise when logistics companies embrace operational modernization. He expressed gratitude for working alongside partners like PURE, Amous, and Pilot, offering solutions to industry challenges such as fuel fraud through cardless payments, real-time transaction APIs, and an intuitive driver experience.

For Amous, the partnership with PURE and Relay aligns with their broader objective of providing end-to-end services for truck lines, brokerages, and logistics companies. While Amous has previously offered fraud mitigation through its technology, integrating Relay's cardless capabilities enhances security and control beyond previous measures. Mark Shevchuk, CEO of Amous, highlighted the issue of carriers and drivers losing thousands due to card skimming at fuel pumps. He explained that integrating Relay into their TMS empowers fleets like PURE to eliminate fuel fraud while providing real-time transaction data and improved cash flow insights for streamlined operations. This collaboration ensures a superior experience for carriers, drivers, dispatchers, and truck stops.

About PURE Freight Lines, LTD

Established in 2013, PURE Freight Lines is a forward-thinking, family-owned transportation business based in Franklin Park, IL. With over 100 years of expertise, they prioritize customer satisfaction through innovative solutions and advanced technology. By investing in cutting-edge systems, PURE streamlines logistics and ensures transparency in operations, enabling them to provide efficient and seamless transportation services to valued customers.

Their comprehensive services include truckload solutions for dry van and refrigerated cargo, expedited options for high-value and time-sensitive shipments, power-only, intermodal, and drayage services, as well as dedicated services tailored to specific requirements.

About Relay Payments

Founded in 2019, Relay Payments is an Atlanta-based venture-backed fintech company that is building a digital payment network in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. Trusted by more than 300,000 carriers and drivers, Relay is spearheading the modernization of payments in an industry historically reliant on cards, cash, and checks. Relay has collaborated with industry giants like Coyote Logistics, J.B. Hunt, and Old Dominion Freight Line to streamline payment processes and optimize operations for swift product delivery.

For more information about Relay or to download the app, visit

About Amous

Amous is an advanced cloud-based enterprise solution designed specifically for the logistics industry. With its unique architectural approach, Amous empowers trucking companies, carriers, brokers/3PLs, and shippers to optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition. Leveraging microservices and over 120 seamless integrations, Amous offers a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities tailored to the needs of logistics professionals. From real-time visibility and automated processes to data-driven insights, Amous serves as the central nervous system for all integrated systems and processes.

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