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Third-Party Carrier of the Year 2020 - Schneider National, Inc.

The success story of PURE FREIGHT LINES, LTD. in logistics and supply chain has been remarkable. The company acknowledges that its trusted partnership with Schneider National, Inc. had a major impact on its success.

An Ironclad Partnership

The partnership between PURE FREIGHT LINES with Schneider National, Inc. revolves around exemplary trust and reliability. The former asserts that having partnerships with a handful of reliable and loyal partners is more important than multiple partnerships with no trust.

In the past 1.5 years, when the pandemic rattled the global supply chain, both PURE FREIGHT LINES and Schneider counted on each other to get through the turmoil. Those tough times only made their partnership stronger. Winning the “Third-Party Carrier of the Year 2020” award by PURE FREIGHT LINES, LTD. is the testimony of that collaboration and hard work.

A little sneak peek of the speech PFL received from Schneider National, Inc.

"Excited to be presenting our Intermodal Carrier of the Year to Pure Freight Lines. We're joined here by Milo and Dan this evening. Thanks so much, gentlemen, for making the trek up here from Chicago. Erin touched on the challenging 18 plus months that we've had together here. Milo, Dan, in your organization, I can't tell you how much we appreciate:

Certainly not just all the freight that you provide us but having a relationship with you all built on things like tremendous alignment. Great communication. And just trust.

You guys more so than any other carrier that we have, you do what you say you're going to do and set the thousands of loads that you run the crosstown and regional, and now local for us, set those aside. Those three factors are absolutely huge for us.

A couple of highlights with Pure Freight Lines, going all the way back to 2020, Top 10 Intermodal Service Provider for us that year. Top Regional Carrier, not just in Chicago and that's where we'd run Pure Freight Lines, but throughout the entire country for Intermodal Top Regional Carrier. We ran our first cross-town load with Pure Freight Lines back in December of 2020. And this is just a great, I think, story and example of how we've grown together. Now as we stand here today, Pure Freight Lines is our number one crosstown carrier for intermodal. So I think it just speaks volumes to our relationship, how we've grown and how we've evolved together and how much we appreciate all that you've done for us, especially during these last 18 months and what were very trying times. So look forward to just years of continued growth with you all. And again, thanks a bunch, you guys.

PURE FREIGHT LINES has expressed its delight and gratitude for this award and thanked its partner Schneider National, Inc., dedicated team of employees, and drivers whose hard work made this possible. The company further stated that it will keep delivering the best services and continue to improve year after year.

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